The Daily Egyptian

Many examples of the quality of work done by students in the News-Editorial, Sports Media and Photojournalism specializations can be found in the pages of and online at the Daily Egyptian.

The Daily Egyptian is SIU’s independent, student-run news organization. Students employed at the Daily Egyptian are responsible for publishing online news, sports, entertainment and opinion articles 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Students must also write their own stories, shoot their own photos and videos, and design their own pages that appear a newspaper that prints Monday through Thursday.

Students who work at the Daily Egyptian develop and hone skills vital to professional in the field of journalism. They gain valuable work experience that can be put on résumés, which normally may require an internship to obtain.

Faculty and professional staff advise Daily Egyptian employees, but do not write stories, and students have total control over website organization and sharing content on social media.

More information about The Daily Egyptian can be found on their website at here.

You can also find The Daily Egyptian on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.