Students are taken on a journey through the Advertising world by working on real world scenarios and clients in the field. By joining the Advertising specialization through the School of Journalism, students learn to analyze problems and identify solutions for the promotion of goods and services while developing skills in verbal and visual communication. Our faculty places an emphasis on branding, online presentation, media sales, consumer research, account planning, and creative strategies.

Advertising Student Portfolio

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New Media

A specialization in New Media readies our students for the ever-changing world of information. There’s an increasing need for intelligent people who can prepare and present news and information across a variety of platforms, such as websites, apps, and social media. Students in the New Media program learn skills to prepare them for digital and technological work within the Journalism sphere. New Media students take classes in publishing to the web, graphic design, media law and others to prepare them for work in their field.

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News Editorial

Students specializing in News Editorial will have the opportunity to hone their reporting and writing skills while building a portfolio that can land them a fulfilling job post-graduation. Classes range from writing for mass media to news reporting to photography, graphic design and web design. News Editorial faculty prepare students to compete with journalists nationwide in getting top internships and jobs in major markets.


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Photo Journalism

Students specializing in Photojournalism develop the photographic and news reporting skills necessary to communicate visually with a mass audience through contemporary media outlets – both printed and electronic. Our program remains on the cutting edge by integrating traditional instruction in a digital environment with new media skills in website development, audio and video production.

Graduating students are fully aware of the power of photography, are well grounded in the legal and ethical traditions of the profession and are practically prepared to make a significant contribution to contemporary journalism.

Photojournalism Student Portfolio

Sports Media

The proliferation of sports programming in both traditional and new media is triggering an increasing demand for graduates with sports production, sports promotion and sports journalism backgrounds. The School of Journalism and the Radio-Television Department are joined forces to establish specializations in both academic units. Students specializing in Sports Media can choose from two tracks: Reporting or Promotions. The reporting track includes sports courses and the essentials from the news/editorial specialization while the promotions track adds new sports courses to the essentials of the advertising specialization.

Sports Media Student Portfolio

Featured Works

The School of Journalism is home to outstanding undergraduate and graduate students in all specializations. Here we focus on those who have gone above and beyond to hone their craft and showcase their exemplary skills. Check back monthly as new students will be added.

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